RUX featured in the Daily Yonder!

RUX was recently featured in a post by The Daily Yonder, a daily multi-media website dealing with rural issues. The Daily Yonder has been published on the web since 2007 by the Center for Rural Strategies, a non-profit media organization. Check out the article below:

A partnership between two Kentucky-based arts organizers brings together folks from the state's three regions to break down regional borders.

A couple years ago two arts leaders, one living in the largest city in Kentucky and the other in a small traditionally mining town, had a hunch that good things would happen if they got creative folks from the cities to hang out with creative folks from the country. That was the beginning of the Rural-Urban Exchange. Since starting the Exchange, they’ve brought together people from all three of the state’s distinct regions to share stories and ideas.

The two creators of the Exchange, Art of the Rural‘s Savannah Barrett and Appalshop‘s Josh May, answered some questions for us recently. If you are, like me, not in the arts field, let the context clues guide you around some insider lingo. This is the burden of knowing super smart, creative people.

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