Kentucky Rural-Urban Exchange

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Kentuckians have a shared sense of place, and can see beyond the boundaries that exist between people and places.

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Kentuckians are ambassadors of their communities and of Kentucky, working together to create solutions to the challenges we face.

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Kentuckians are welcome as neighbors in other communities across geography, ideology, identity, race, class, sector, and other barriers.


This is the Kentucky we are building, together.

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This is our fifth year convening the Exchange in order to help Kentuckians from all parts of the Commonwealth discover our common culture, history, and future.

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In RUX, folks begin working together while sharing meals, building campfires, square dancing together, and exploring our state’s natural beauty from the mountains to the Mississippi.

RUX changes the context of professional connections to help members deepen bonds, inspire stronger accountability, and create the conditions for creativity.

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The result is a network of leaders with strong, meaningful relationships and the capacity to create positive change.

Activating this network is the ultimate goal of our time together.


During 2018 we are drawing from a toolkit of proven resources as well as our own collective talents and expertise to address challenges facing our communities by building a more interconnected future for the Commonwealth.


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