How we Work

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The currency of connection

Each year, the Rural-Urban Exchange convenes three weekend-long Community Intensives for its cohort members. 

Spread across three different Kentucky communities, Intensives are a way to deepen and strengthen relationships among these members through sharing time and work.

We call this approach the Currency of Connection - in the context of people, place, and partnership we can use these deeper relationships to embrace the natural creativity of Kentuckians and spark innovative community practice. 


1. People


We believe that true leadership is a process of deepening connections to others, and that the point of connection becomes the pipeline through which big ideas flow.

Our exchange is most successful when members experience heightened feelings of belonging and acceptance in the cohort community, and are inspired to consider civic and social issues in new ways. 


2. Place


Community Intensive Weekends bring rural and urban people together in community settings that activate and inspire.

The weekends are an immersive and inclusive exploration of place. A sampling of local food traditions, local arts and culture engagements, community history, swimming holes, & intimate experiences in people’s gathering places.


3. Partnership


The Exchange has seen the potent results when people come together across geographic, cultural, racial, economic, and other divides in the spirit of the Commonwealth.

The natural consequence of bringing people together in a focused and creative way is that members of the Exchange discover new ideas and visions for themselves and their communities.


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